For Blue, My Most Unusual Friend

Things have been a bit bumpy lately in my life as I’m sure you can all relate. I guess that’s Life for us. So I sat down and closed my eyes again last night to find some meaning in all that was happening and to find a way out or a way through the emotional hurricane.

So I sat and sat till thoughts started to clear... more or less making their underlying dynamics become clearer. Emotions and then more relevant thoughts started to appear.

Then I heard three voices from within. I got to know them intimately, they all had so much to say to me and they even had names. Let me introduce them to you:

Red was a monster. He was so powerful, so mighty he had the strength to move mountains. He scared me. He was furious, dangerous, fiery. He had a charm about him, he could get things done and he insisted that I know he was good at what he did. So I believed him.

Pink was an elegant little woman. Very beautiful and soft. Something about her reminded me of cherry blossoms and the great spectacular lakes in Canada. Pink was a lover of all things. She was the gracious adorer of humans everywhere. Just a look at her and you’d know she was the kind of person that would do everything to make you feel at home. She said everyone deserved our love. So I believed her.

Red thought Pink was stupid and naive. He said Pink would get her heart smashed if she continued her ways. I didn’t understand this. Pink always looked so happy and said she loved everyone. I was confused.

So I told Pink about what Red had said.

Pink was surprised and said she didn’t believe Red. Pink thought Red didn’t have a trace of love in his heart for anyone but that he only thought of himself.

Feeling confused and lonely between these two, I started paying attention to how both my fiery friend and my gracious friend actually felt in my own being. Then suddenly I saw another one appear: Blue.

Blue just seemed calm. He didn’t have to be calm to feel calm, but he simply seemed comfortable in his skin. He was as strong as Red and as gracious and loving as Pink. Oh and he felt old, he didn’t look old... but felt old. Old and fresh like an old book you love so much, like the words of a great saint... always crisp and vibrant no matter how old.

So I sat down beside him. My mind no longer a hurricane, I looked into his eyes and saw galaxies whirl in endless space and time. Pure wisdom, pure power, pure love. So much I could learn from him. So I asked.

I told him about Red and Pink. I told him everything about my life and the more I talked the more I softened, the more I talked the more courageous I became. And he listened.

Then when he touched me he had become a woman. And her words eased my heart and her gentle smile made me cry and we hugged. And she said “Let’s dance!”

Reluctantly I said “OK”.

She didn’t mind my tears and she took my hands. While we were dancing everything made more than just sense and belief became faith, meaning gave way to significance. At that moment she was no longer she and I was no longer myself. As we danced under the stars, we were the stars. And I knew what Red felt and I knew what Pink felt. And I was Red and I was Pink and, to my surprise, I was also Blue.

I knew so many men just like myself were conditioned to be Red and so many women were conditioned to be like Pink and I also understood that Blue knew them all and Blue had a few words for them.

So he spoke and said:

“For centuries men were conditioned to appear strong and aggressive. They thought this was the only way to be successful in life. They thought women always wanted men who appeared strong and so they played along. Red is aggressive, but much more than that he is also sad and he is also ashamed. Red can relax and become anger with heart, an open-hearted warrior instead of denying what he’s really feeling, he can finally feel. He is allowed to feel and be vulnerable at last.

For centuries women were conditioned to appear soft and gentle. They thought this was the only way to be successful in life. They thought men always wanted women who were caring and soft spoken. Pink is gentle, but she also has a broken smile. She had lost her voice. She sees injustice yet never says anything because she is scared of hurting people. And she denies herself her own self-care. Now she can include herself into her embrace, now she can own her power and be a strong caring force in the world.

Red and Pink are not very different from each other, they are both denying parts of themselves. Now I have spoken as the voice of wisdom so that you can see clearly and start living in peace within and with each other.”

We were left speechless. Blue bowed down, looked at us with tremendous, encouraging power and deep, warm compassion. We could see (s)he had absolute faith in each of us. Without saying a word, (s)he turned away and left.

I looked at Red, he was crying. He looked open hearted. I was so happy for him.

I looked at Pink, she had her head held up high. She looked strong. I was so happy for her.

Then I opened my eyes and wrote this for us all to learn from my dear friends Red, Pink, and Blue. May I learn from them. I need them all.

We need them all.