Life Becomes Celebration

I watch myself wrestle with "this should not be happening"s. I find them in my meditations, in the grocery store, in the news, in things people do and say, in my mind. They also come in the form of "this is not fair" and "that is not acceptable". They come and I keep them, feed them, turn them into weapons of mass destruction. My mind becomes a war zone and I, the first victim.

But sometimes, on those lucky days, those moments full of grace, they soften their grip on me and I let them go bit by bit, piece by piece. This is uncomfortable, often painful.

To my surprise, every time this happens, I find not only precious tears of deep grief in my heart, but also a kind of love and gratitude that has no beginning or end - perfectly and effortlessly at peace with life as it is.

May we go through the discomfort and emerge on the other side - transformed, finally ready to live this one life to the fullest. Ready to be fully alive, at peace, and open-hearted.

Life becomes a celebration when we simply are. Freedom in flesh.