Spirituality Meets Activism

Fight against people, opinions, ideals, whatever you feel you need to fight against. Repress your emotions, get outraged, blame people, hide your grief, run away from your fears, drive yourself crazy, obsess about things people do and say. Do it all. DO IT ALL.

Do it all in the name of fairness, respect, kindness, reputation, in the name of feminism, political correctness, social justice, in the name of your country, your wealth, your religion, your spirituality or whatever you chose as a drug. It's an open buffet, so go at it. Pick your war. Give it everything you've got. Don't hold anything back! It's war time!

But one day, if you're lucky, you won't have any desire to continue your fight. You'll be left empty-handed, a complete failure, truly isolated, closed-hearted, full of resentments, and in panic. One day, if you're lucky, you will have no juice left, no energy to fight.

One day, you'll come face to face with your suffering - everything you've been busy projecting onto the world. Lucky you!

That day, beyond all the despair and darkness, you might hear a quiet inner voice telling you everything (yes, everything!) is OK and it's always been. You (yes, you!) are OK and you've always been.

That day you might die into a love that knows no bounds, into a sense of self that cannot be defined. That day you might lose everything.

But today, if you must, fight your fight with everything you've got. Fight with all your might. Your days are limited.

A love that knows no other has been hunting you since before you even knew your name. Run if you must. You're being chased by a freedom from which there's no escape!