Psycho Spiritual

Healing, growth, integration. This is the hero's journey into the depths of the mind/body. This is a journey of inclusion, a journey of turning toward your pain, turning toward what doesn't work in your life, turning toward what you've been pushing away in yourself. As you become more intimate with all that you are - the high and the low, the mundane and the spiritual, the light and the dark, the wanted and the unwanted, you will find deep wells of peace and joy in the most unexpected places: right at the core of your pain. 

This is shadow work. As you integrate more and more aspects of your being, you will find more flow and effortlessness in your day to day life. Additionally, through working with your shadow, you might encounter old wounds you did not know existed as well as experience breakthroughs you could not have imagined possible. As your frozen yesterdays turn into fluid now, you might feel flooded with strong emotions such as intense rage, deep grief, sheer terror, and sublime joy. Coming fully alive!


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