Stress & Anger

Most of us live busy and complicated lives and we rarely find time to truly relax. Over time this lack of peace of mind and ease begins to affect every area of your life. As your stress levels increase you might find you have less and less energy, your mind is full of thoughts, and perhaps your breathing has become fast and shallow. You might also notice you are more easily irritable and quick to react to seemingly small things that used to not bother you at all. Anger and stress tend to go hand in hand.

Stress is perhaps the most common source of suffering in today's fast-paced world especially if you're going through times of transition be it a new job, a new baby, financial struggles, relationship challenges, etc. Yet it is possible to use these challenges as opportunities for growth. I will help you see stress as a motivator as well as share with you skills to help you calm your mind and connect with your body. 

Anger is perhaps the most confusing emotion. On one hand, it allows us to protect our boundaries and, on the other, it can do a lot of harm. Whether our anger hurts us or others (or both) it is never too late to learn about stress and anger for a life lived to the fullest. Allow the energies of stress and anger to fuel your dreams!


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